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1. Maha Optometry Association board meeting attended and shared views on various points on 01/01/2021
2. Appointed as consultant at DFY center during the year 2021
3. COVID-19 and Visual Impaired challenges the research form shared with VI community on 02/01/2021
4. Continuing Optometry Education development among optometry fraternity in India - online research form was shared with optometry institutes, colleagues, students across the nation during January 2021
5. MOA website development, membership application form, introductory message and presentation of MOA were shared with executive board members during 3-5/01/2021
6. Was invited in special virtual (Zoom) meeting organized by ITM university and L-M Director on 07/01/2021
7. Participated and shared the views in the second board meeting of MOA on 09/01/2021
8. Low vision materials and retinoblastoma awareness campaign was done by email to participants from India and Philippines from KTG/FocusVision5India on 12/01/2021
9. Attended and participated weekly virtual meeting on Retinoblastoma awareness from KTG/DFY/FV5I on 12/01/2021
10. Invited to attend the virtual meet on Arc light Usage for Ophthalmic ye screening projects by Dr Andrew from University of St. Andrews  and NHS Fife -UK on 13/01/2021
11. Participated and received the certificates in Online quiz programme on various subjects organized by Government of India during January 2021
12. Online consultation and counseling session was offered to many deserving candidates
13. Attended and shared opinion with board members of MOA during meet on 16-17 January 2021
14. Tele medicine/consultation was offered to candidates from DFY -Mumbai on 23 /01/2021
15. Concall was organized for the team of #IcanEyecan on 27/01/2021
16. IOA membership forms were shared with optometrists from Kerala on 02/02/2021
17. Received the award on 03/02/2021 for being organizing committee for 38 National conference of IOA ( Virtual) during 4-6 December 2020
18. Was Honored with award for Pillars of IOA ( Board Members) on 23/02/2021 from IOA
19. MOA report and World Disability Day-2020 report was shared with Journals on 26/02/2021
20. Board meeting of MOA was attended and shared the views on LM application form, website, bank details on 27/02/2021
21. Participated in webinar on Questions paper setting according to the outcome based education system organized by Teerthanker Mahaveer University -Moradabad on 03/03/2021
22. Attended the DOA board meeting on 03/03/2021
23. Shared the opinion, views during MOA board meeting on 07/03/2021
24. Attended the webinar organized by World Health Organization on
"#Learning Saves Lives  #Choose To Challenge barriers women face accessing life-saving knowledge for COVID19 response - Celebrating International Women’s Day 2021 on 08/03/2021
25. Participated in Community Eye Health project from DFY on 13/03/2021 at Hedavali district
26. Represented and shared DOA millstones as an editor at the Vision Science Academy  in association with Dr Shroff Charity eye hospital- 6’S Optometry conference on 21/03/2021
27. Participated in MOA executive board meeting on 22/03/2021
28. Eye screened for the tribal population at Hedavali -Karchunde village in Raigadh district on 23/03/2021 in association with DFY and ministry of health -family welfare project
29. Attended and shared legal opinion for NCAHCP Bill consequences, DOA stands during Legislative committee of DOA on 25/03/2021
30. Was present during board meeting on 26/03/2021 and shared inputs for NCAHCP Bill and future action of plan
31. Attended corporate Affairs committee meeting along with Mr Ajeet Limye  for research evaluation task on 2 April2021
32. Attended the virtual board meeting of MOA along with special invitees on 2 April 2021
33. Telemedicine were organized for outreach patients from Thane districts on 3 April 2021
34. Attended and shared the views on NCAHCP Bill during the board meeting of IOA on 5 April 2021
35. Participated and shared important points with executive board members on 6 April 2021 during virtual ( ZOOM) board meeting
36. Participated as executive committee member for official  inaugural session of MOA by virtual mode on 7 April 2021
37. Successfully completed the course on Step into Digital Technologies during 29 March 2021 to 12 April 2021 from City and Guides Group.
38. Received the certificate for Exploring Sustainable Living and Loving with Mogli during 30 March 2021 -13 April 2021 from Tommy Hilfiger
39. Received the certificate on Covid-19 vaccination training for health workers on 16 April 2021 from WHO
40. Video was prepared and shared to VOSH international on 17 April 2021
41. Attended the board meeting of MOA for important points on 17 April 2021
42. Received the certificate on Safeguarding Adult-Level 3 Training from Health education England during 29/03/2021-19/04/2021
43. Certificate of participation received from WHO- Health Emergency Program on COVID-19 Vaccine specific Resources on 20/04/2021
44. Received record of Achievement for Transmission - Based Precautions from WHO- Health Emergencies  programme on 21/04 2021
45. Received Record of Achievement for Guidance on Mask use in the context of COVID-19 from WHO- Health Emergencies Programme on 21/04/2021
46. Received Record of Achievement for COVID-19 Infodemics management Risk communication management and community engagement challenges from WHO- Health Emergencies Programme on 22/04/2021
47. Earned a certificate for COVID-19: Psychological First aid in Africa from Public Health England and LSTHM during 02/04/2021-23/04/2021
48. Received Record of Achievement for COVID-19 and work: Staying healthy and safe at work during the COVID-19 pandemic from WHO- Health Emergencies Programme on 27/04/2021
49. Earned a certificate for Understanding and Addressing Extremism Teach out from University of Michigan during 20/04/2021-04/05/2021
50. Received a certificate for Exploring mentorship and community change with Compton cowboys from Tommy Hilfiger during 26/04/2021-10/05/2021
51. Shared the information on covid-19 safety measures by presentation to Patel park family for general awareness on 11/05/2021
52. Attended IOA virtual  monthly board meeting on 15/05/2021
53. Earned a certificate for Data Analytics for decision making: An Introduction to using Excel from Bond University( Australia) during 02/05/2021-16/05/2021
54. Actively participated in IOA membership drive , shared the information, replied to emails and circulated the urgent notice to all IOA members during 25-31/05/2021
55. Was invited as speaker on the topic of Role of Optometrist in Rehabilitation services in Low Vision Management organized by MERO Foundation( NEPAL) Optometrists students association for webinar Eye Talks session-122 on 11/06/2021
56. Attended the VOSH-USA Midyear Meeting session-2 webinar on 27/06/2021 organized by VOSH-USA
57. Participated in the RISE ( Rajasthan Edition) virtual conference organized by QS-IGUAGE in collaboration with Parul/NIMS University on 2/07/2021
58. AttendedtheIOAboardmeetingon18/07/2021andsharedthe views asper the agenda
59. Attendedandactively participated inlegal committeemeetingof IOA on22/07/2021
60. Achieved  the certificate forDesigningaFutureWhereLearningisaLifestylefrom SAMSUNG Electronics(UK)LTDandCPD certificate seriesduring13/07/201-27/07/2021
61. Received certificateof participation fromWHOforourseasonRecognizingandManaging Anaphylaxis on2Aug2021-02/08/2021
62. AttendedIOA virtuallegal committee meeting on9August2021
63 Participated and screened adult population at APMC-Ahmedabad (Gujarat) in association with DFY-KOTAK Mahindra Bank during 15-18 August 2021
64. Was Invited as keynote speaker on Eye care projects and honored with special memento at Giants Welfare Foundation Unit-1 conference on 29 August 2021 in Mumbai
65. Achieved the certificate for Designing for a Sustainable future from SAMSUNG-UK LTD and CPD during 16 /08/2021-30/08/2021
66. Sponsored financial assistance for education purpose to the 23 beneficiaries from underprivileged, disabled from rural Maharashtra during 17September-25 September 2021 in association with Giants Welfare Foundation.
67. Organized the eye health project for BECC -18 Children from Slum location in Bandra -Mumbai on 19/09/2021 along with Giants Group of Jogeshwari-VOSH India
68. Vision screening organized for Red Boy Foundation -Bandra on 22/09/2021 in association with Giants Group of Jogeshwari and also sponsored Masks, Bath Soaps and Sanitizers for police Officers at Vakola Police station.
69. Was invited as speaker for Retinoblastoma Survivor virtual meet on the topic of Low Vision and Education hosted by Wadia Hospital-Mumbai on 25 /09/2021
70. Earned certificate for Social learning and collaboration in school: Learning to thrive through play from THE LEGO FOUNDATION during 18/09/21-09/10/2021
71. Organized and Judged the poster competition on the theme of #LoveYourEyes on occasion of World Sight Day 2021 at DFY and RBF for the employees and children respectively on 14 October 2021
72. Was appointed as a Vision Therapist at SRCC hospital from October 2021
73. Was Invited as Guest Speaker on the subject of Community Eye Health and organized the workshop at Department of Optometry -MGM School of Biomedical Sciences, MGMIHS -Navi Mumbai on 27/10/2021
74. Received a special memento as guest speaker on the subject of Community Eye Health at Department of Optometry - MGM School of Biomedical Sciences-MGMIHS - Navi Mumbai on 27 /10/2021
75. Attended and actively participated in IOA physical executive board meeting held on 31/10/2021 at Visual Aid Centre-New Delhi
76. Diabetic eye screening and education awareness session was organized at DFY from 14-21 October 2021
77. Spectacles were sponsored to underprivileged children from RBF in association with Giants Group of Jogeshwari on 23 November 2021
78. Published 1 case study, 2 articles and 8 National and International reports in Optometry Journal during the year 2021