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1. You are one of the star Alumnae of the SNDT -PVP college………Snehal Joshi

2. You are definitely doing a great work for optometry and humanity, your presentation was an eye opener of true meaning of providing eye care….. Amod Gogate

3. You are a woman of substance, Salute you for all your achievements- Anjana Jain

4. You are very admiring, strong and dedicated human being. Proud of you. Dr Shubhangi

5. You are one of the best optometrist in India for low vision, proud to know you Kavita

6. You are taking Indian optometry to great heights in the truest sense of the word, congratulations…….Dr Anuja Singh

7. Proud to see your progress internationally in optometry …..Ajay V

8. You are an amazing inspiration and to everyone who meet you, You have big heart and great sense of humor with awesome personality….Sara Alkhamash

9. You are rocking genius…. Sameer Mehta

10. You are indeed blessed and unique in your endeavors, I admire your courage to work away from the regular system. I am privileged to meet an evolved person. Your work is phenomenal, passion dedication is stupendous!! Boman Bharucha

11. You are beauty with brain, Bharat ki Laxmi ------Manisha Karia

12. I feel too tiny in front of you, you are legend and much in demand in field of eye care----Viresh

13. You are celebrity in Eye Care world-Optometry-----------Manish Shah

14. You make your life worth living. You are my Icon…. Ashutosh Rampal

15. I am extremely delighted to know you , you are very inspiring person in my life and you have more ethical qualities as wonderful human being- Kumar

16. You are in inspiration to all of us, proud for all your achievements……Hardik

17. You are truly courageous and awesome woman……….Gira Shah

18. You are extraordinary person with lots of passion and dedication………Umesh Dave

19. One of the best dedicated and sincere optometrist I have ever met in my life and you are an asset to organization…….Dr Himmika G

20. You are pride of our society - premila

21. I appreciate your dedication and commitment for the profession; you are a role model of this Noble profession. May you live longer and prosper.---Veshal Madan( DY PATIL UNIVERISTY)

22. You are a Kohinoor Diamond of the Rajgandhi Family and Gujarati community…… Sameer Shah

23. You are making possible to see for millions of people, God has sent special person to help on this planet……..Viresh

24. You are a champion and perfectionist in your work. Great to know you…..Rajeev Prasad

25. All I am today in optometry field is just because of mentors like who has always nurtured me as child and specially trained by you…….Pooja Singh

26. I am extremely happy for you and your achievements in the field of optometry…..Mahalingam A -Managing Director- Twin Academy

27. Thank you for organizing such wonderful seminar at our college. You are great person and inspiration to me. I learned a lot from you. I would like to achieve few things from you….Shivani Jamdade ( DY Patil University -Pune)

28. Your presentation on Low Vision subject was amazing, You are an Idol for me,,, I need your assistance on Low Vision Research topic---- Harshali Mestri ( ITM Deemed University-Panvel)

29. You are great Powerhouse of Inspiration to all, Kudos to you…… Director of Optometry Institute

30. You are very inspirational optometrist; I need your guidance and would like to work with you in future… Sonali Ghodke ( MES College of Optometry-Pune)

31. You are a role model for me, I always inspired by you and you are the best Optometrist-Jyoti Makwana

32. I am feeling blessed to you have you as my friend. You have achieved name and fame in the very young age. I liked your nature, positive ness towards life. You have made your parents feel proud for you. I am proud to be your friend. You are an inspiration to many and especially to women.---Shivani

33. An amazing lady who has this inner ability to put patient at ease. I have known her since more than 12 years, she always has gone out of her way to make patients comfortable….Lata Ganesh

34. I am blessed to have you in my life as true friend. I touched by your gesture and humanity in you………..Manisha Gala

35. You are very inspiring person and has very impressive website………Shivani

36. I am proud to have you as one of my best acquaintances. Blessed to know you and I am happy to be with great soul. Many congratulations for your achievements and success……….Roman Pereira

37. Giant International is proud of your achievements and you are the reason for the best future of students…………..Giant Nooruddin Sevwala

38. Your simplicity, humbleness and down to earth makes me feel proud to know you a person………Bakula Rathod

39. I salute you for your wonderful work and achievements. Worth appreciating and extremely proud of you………Vinod Diwedi

40. You deserve all the success and may almighty always bless you with best life can offer……….Ajay

41. You are an amazing personality and I am proud of your achievements, you keep on making difference to people life with knowledge and vision care. Thank you for bringing social change……….Ami

42. You are very inspiring person and so does your work. I feel great to have you in my life……….Amisha

43. Your hard work and unparalleled dedication has resulted in many achievements. Please accept my congratulations………Mansi sheth

44. You are an achiever yourself…….Rajesh Wadhwa

45. Your growth and commitment is mind blowing. You are so much focused on work and commitment. You are combination of beauty and brain…..G.Prabhu

46. I value everything about you so thank you word is not enough!!!! Prof Monica Chaudhry.

47. Congratulations for all your achievements……Sudha

48. You are blessed with beautiful heart. Truly admirable human being. Your selfless service to humanity will recognize soon by our country….Advocate Mukundan B

49. You are the most dedicated person I have ever seen. Dedicated, selfless, honest and full of kindness….Priti (Newzeland)

50. Truly gifted lady with knowledge and experience. One of the most appealing thing about her is her smile and her humility…..Lata Ganesh

51. My heart reaches out to the way you made your life so beautiful….Priti W

52. You can never hurt anyone in this life…..Rajkumar  Shah

53. You always make me proud and I am blessed to have friend like you in my life….Puneet Chandiwala

54. Thank you very much for visiting our college and guiding us!! You are nice human being in the world!!.... jayshree

55. It feels great to know people as intelligent as you are down to earth!!I have ultimate respect for you. You have given me new outlook of looking towards life and built up my confidence. You are an idol to me…. Khushbu Arora

56. You are having museum of good qualities- …..krina soni

57. You are wonderful teacher and human being!! Thanks for everything and valuable support and guidance. Whatever I am today it is because of you. You are my idol!!!Please be with me ahead also in life….. Rupali gite

58. Thank you so much for helping me and guiding me all way. Thanks for being my friend, mother and philosopher whenever I needed you. Mam you have really made the journey simpler for me and also inspired me for my future. Thank you very much for being my teacher…..  Ukti

59. Heartiest congratulations!!!U makes us feel proud>pave such milestones and be different from usual….. Neela Desai

60. I feel blessed to have known such a personality……I pray to god blesses your path in its way continually throughout---Angeline

61. Heartiest congratulations to you!!!You always make Indian Optometry proud. Salute for your dedication towards community…..Prasad Sawant

62. Congratulations!!! May almighty bless you with more and more achievements... You are an idol for me. Proud to have you…… Zeiba

63. You are the best teacher. Wherever I may go in my life, I will always remember that I had an excellent guide in the form of teacher, I found guidance, friendship, discipline and love, everything in one person and that person is YOU……..Thank you so much madam being part of my life. ….Varsha Jain

64. You are successful and heartily nature woman in my life!!! Thank you for being part of my life.

65. You are truly a woman of substance and an inspiration to many!!!! Keep up the good work! With god’s blessings you emerge a winner which you already are... Anitha Ramnathan

66. I had always recognized you as a low vision specialist. Your work was more challenging than just a simple refraction., but your level of work satisfaction was very high and the way you would talk about low vision training and rehabilitation you would sound so satisfied with your work and this made me think you defiantly stood different from any other normal optometrist.I truly respect your work in low vision. …..Ukti

67. Yogita who is doing a most amazing job so selflessly. Wonder how she can manage to pull it all off with aplomb. So grounded and yet so high in values and spirit. We love you and salute you Yogita…….. Apurva Manek

68. Please accept my congratulations on the launch of your website, it is very well made and is very informative, every Optometrist in India deserves to have a website and you would be an inspiration to your valued colleagues. Wishing you continued success, good health and happiness….Padmashree Vipin Buckshey

69. Thrill to see the progress you made in both personal and professional. You also found nice way to connect with outside world…… Jothi balaji

70. Excellent!!! Congratulations!!You are doing a wonderful job……CA Yatin Pathak
71. Congratulations! This looks excellent. I love the pictures and I am looking forward to reading all the articles. Well done!......David R. McPhillips, President  VOSH International-USA

72. You made me think you were different and I would also like to learn and be different like you. You have made me feel low vision is not a waste of time it’s also moral responsibility of an optometrist towards the society….. Ukti

73. Congratulations on your website and commemorating it to Republic of India. It’s inspiring to meet a person who recognizes a challenge as a path and not an obstacle. I learned much from you and your website. Thank you. Harry I Zeltzer OD-USA

74. Congratulations on this project. I have had a look and I didn’t know you were involved in so many things. Keep up the great work…… Laura preito -WCO Manager-London

75. As with any new venture, all in all yours is a good effort that needs to be appreciated...Dr. Narendra Kumar

76. On behalf of VOSH/International, congratulations on your new website and your continuing work in providing eye care and being a leader in your community. We are proud to be associated with you and your efforts ….Natalie Venezia-Managing Director, VOSH/International

77. "Friends you are learning a very interesting subject from the expert please do take the best from her. Her experience  and knowledge will surely help you forever"….Ukti

78. You are ocean of positivity, knowledge and love. I feel pride to have your association…….Prakash Dalvi

79. Your impact on us is so strong that we all miss you at the same time and we are united because of you. We all love you so much and your thoughts are also in same direction of us…..Mittal Lalan

80. Thank you for providing the glow in my life, you are like candle it burns itself to make light for pupils…..Shehnaz Sheikh

81. You are legend from the heart….stay blessed! Ashutosh Rampal

82. I am very pleased to tell you that you are the ideal person of my life. Really every time I learn new things from you & I really want you in my life for forever. Komal Chaurasia

83. Life as you have imagine and life that has laid out in front of you is still life and you being the human along with your wisdom, internal and external emotions, career and materialistic world, personal and family attachments, positive and negative thoughts all has helped you to be one with you. What you do and where you are heading is beautiful and I can't imagine how much more intellectual and spiritual growth will you continue to achieve…….Darshit Bakhai

84. I am very proud of you and for all your achievements-----Dimple Parekh

85. I want to thank you for delivering more knowledge to me and my classmates and I wish you a very successful life ahead---Neha

86. Congratulations for all your achievement, you truly deserve the  honors and I wish I could see you getting all prestigious Awards……Harpreet kaur

87. You have become STAR of our family, very proud of you….Sameer and Komal shah

88. Congratulations, even these awards are less for what you deserve…Kainazz

89. Amazing to know you, I always knew destiny had its keys rolling for your hard work, it is an honor working with you----Saurabh Rane

90. Alumnae association is very proud of our star Alumnae-----President Snehal (PVP)

91. You are wonderful woman I have ever known and you have strong power to rule the world………Advocate Kishor Paul

92. You are rare species of extreme intellectual with focus. Beauty with brains it is fearsome combo that’s what you possess. You are the most experience dedicated Optometrist I have seen ever. Ghanshyam

93. You are honest, courteous, humble and most down to earth person. You have compassion in your heart for the poor and blind, you always see the brighter side of life…..Ravi Bhatia(BPCL)

94. I respect you a lot as a person and Academician, I wish you a good luck ahead--Damanjyot Singh

95. You are an idol to me and very inspiring optometrist in my life-----Priyanka J

96. You are the best Optometrist and teacher, I look forward to have a book written by you-Nikita Kumari

97. I respect you a lot , you are very Honest and very good Human being…..Venkatraman RamaSethu

98. You are my best teacher, motivator, best an ideal for an OPTOMETRIST, multitalented and hardworking personality------Atequa Shaikh

99. You are living legend for me, you are Mount Everest for me, you are pure Soul….Ashutosh R

100. Your life is driven by noble cause that’s is service to Humanity, very helpful nature, your selfless service to humanity has earned you blessings of millions of Blind……Ravi Bhatia (BPCL)

101. You are the sweetest person on the Earth. You have been raising bar for yourself and have been achieving it, Kudos to you for selfless service for others…..Neel Patil
© Yogita L RajGandhi
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