Yogita L Rajgandhi is a Consulting optometrist, faculty and External examiner at various colleges and Universities in India. She was ASCO-INDIA National Representative and also Ex-head of the low vision centre, NAB workshop for the blind (Mumbai) She has been on the Optometry Faculties of the colleges which are mainly affiliated with YCMOU University. After a period in private practice, she took up an academic up gradation and fellowship from India.

She has published more than 35 articles-reports widely in journals and publications in optometry, visual science and low vision, community optometry and contact lens. Yogita has a vast experience in teaching subjects like Low Vision Rehabilitation, Sports Vision, Contact Lenses and Community Optometry. She has presented scientific papers/posters in many national and international conferences and has participated as faculty in many national and international practitioner education programs in contact lenses and Low Vision, Clinical Optometry.

Yogita takes active interest in celebration of World Optometry Day and World Sight Day annually along with World Disability day and Diabetes day, Tobacco Day etc….

Besides Optometry Yogita Rajgandhi has also Pursued M.D. in Alternative Medicine from Srilanka, Indian Sign Language from NIHH-Mumbai and Diploma in Philosophy of Jainism from University of Mumbai, Yoga and Meditation from Mumbai. She was selected for the Mater Teacher Training course -Disabled category from Ministry of Social welfare and justice -Laxmibai Physical Education University associated with Special Olympics Bharat representated All India Sports Council for Deaf. She has also pursued Professional photography course from British Institute-Mumbai.

She plays Key board and can also play National Anthem in sign Language as she believes patriotism does not have any language. She has learned Art of living, Reiki and meditation, she is a firmly follower of Vegetarian and Jainism.

Yogita believes that if there is dedication then nothing is impossible. Even though there were a lot of people who tried to dissuade her from the path she has taken, she never gave up on it. Being positive can help one achieve great things and that the desire to help people should come naturally. She has found that if you want something to work it is extremely important that your heart be into it.

Dedication, passion, hard work, self motivation, implementation and success are key points for any Human being to dream and live a life……

Yogita Rajgandhi is great example of what a real philanthropist is. An Optometrist by profession, at the heart this woman is a true Humanitarian. Her Journey started off as a person who helped the visually Impaired Though most people would find helping people on that scale satisfying Yogita Journey did not stop there She reached out towards the betterment of society and the uplifting of the under privileged just because she wanted to. On visiting school for the Hearing Impaired, she realized that she wanted to communicate with them directly but lacked the skills. Instead of Giving up, she decided to learn Indian Sign Language so that she could help the people she had come to care for. She is now only Optometrist in India who learnt ISL specially to treat HI people. Today she is associated with Several NGO'S and clinics, colleges and various organizations.

She continues to develop and initiatives to educate the public on matters on optometric care and participate as a speaker at key optometry conferences. She serves for the Indian Optometric Association as board member. She has received an 18 special mementos and 17 awards for her academic research work on visually impaired and contribution towards community selfless work from National and International organizations. She has presented 17 research papers mainly on Visually Impaired at National and International Optometry conference. She has been interviewed on FM Radio on few occasions by University of Mumbai and also serving as a National treasurer at citizen forum on Women rights.