Indian Optometric Association is pleased to announce the launch of 37th All India Optometry Conference; AIOC 2018, Scheduled from 30 March - 01 April 2018 at the Constitution Club Of India, New Delhi. 
AIOC 2018-the nation’s & Indian Optometric Association’s flagship industry conference is dedicated to enhancing the reach & quality of eye care whilst providing a global platform for exchange of ideas, technologies & knowledge across the optometry sector.
The 2018 edition of this conference would also be unique, as it brings together various national optometric associations of SAARC countries to deliberate & collaborate on responsive frameworks for inclusive next generation eye care. In line with WHO’s Global Action Plan 2014-2019, a key outcome that this conference seeks to generate is a better understanding of the role of optometry in eradicating the 80% avoidable blindness in India and SAARC countries.
Themed “Innovations in Delivery & Access of Eye Care”, the conference will see an exchange of information on latest developments in optometry discipline along with discussions on the level of education and status of optometry in international arena.
A global optometry forum, AIOC 2018 would be attended by over 500 industry stakeholders from the eye care sector including optometrists, practitioners, researchers, academics and students !!
Looking forward to seeing you all at AIOC,  2018.
Team 37th AIOC,  2018
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